The Rhythm Revolution is a fitness movement rooted powerfully in Music and Exercise.


Within our bodies dwells an organic tempo that naturally seeks to align with external frequencies. Most specifically, SOUND

Science has proven that music, when used dynamically and intentionally with physical fitness, creates deep physical vibrations that transform the mind, body and spirit.

At the RR, we keep it real, we keep it raw, we keep it fresh and we welcome all. It's not about the numbers, not about the data, it's about the FEELS.

It's not about the diet, it's not about how skinny you think you need to become, it's about the JOURNEY of optimal longevity.

It's not about the experiences you've already had, it's about the ones you haven't.

It's less about I and more about We.

It’s ultimately about how we continuously tune ourselves to align with the rhythm of life.

Our business model consists of THREE core offerings:

The Beat Clinic - a Musicality Education for Fitness Professionals

#bassspace Experiences - daily in house, indoor cycling, strength training, yoga, barre and hybrid classes of those three modalities.

Road Shows - our uniquely curated LIVE fitness concerts and specialty community events, both inside our home and out in the city we love,

in fellow beloved Denver venues & businesses.