If you have yet to experience a ride or flow in what we call our "BASS SPACE", We offer Complimentary Classes to New Clients.

You'll have 3 days from the time you register to try us out as much as you want.

Select "Try before you Buy", when registering.

*Please note "Try before you buy" is ONLY for new, Non- Class Pass members

Our studio Offerings:

We synchronize music and movement to create deep physical sensation and awareness that vibrates the mind, body and spirit. Led by highly trained musical teachers, our classes are artistically motivated experiences. This offers participants an opportunity like none other - to authentically FEEL and move with the beat frequency.



Check your head and you heart simultaneously by riding through moving meditations and an ever-changing terrain beneath your feet. A deep sensory and musically fueled experience that revitalizes the mind, body and spirit with every stroke.

** Please note - Our pedals are equipped to accommodate SPD cleats and or regular tennis shoes. For those who may be wondering, sorry we do not provide cycling shoes.

SOUNDcycle (muscle edit)-

A split format, set to make you SWEAT! Connect your feet with the beat during a quick, 30 min intense ride in the saddle followed by a 15 min strength workout focused on building strength and endurance! *Bring your mat and tennis shoes if you normally ride with clips.

SOUNDcycle (CORE edit)-

The perfect love affair. 2 heavy hitting formats, 1 class. A 30 min intense ride in the saddle followed by a 15 min core/strength sesh to seal the deal! *Bring your mat and tennis shoes if you normally ride with clips.


An energetic Vinyasa Yoga practice that moves in harmony with the vibration of music. Embark on this journey through sweat and sweet releases that strip the body of staleness and invite the return of your true inner tempo.  ALL levels, ALL good. *Bring your mat.


A beautifully paired experience of our signature SOUNDcycle and FREQUENCYflow formats. 30 minutes on the bike and 45 on the mat. Seriously, this one is Zen as F*ck!


A Vinyasa inspired upbeat flow with rhythmic movement and strength building pulses that respond directly to the beat, timing and energy of our unique underground sound. Werk that A$$.


Because no cardio regimen should exist without strength training, we invite you to dig into our signature RR land format that combines synchronized, elevating movements, with 3, 5, and 8lb weights. Guns, (not the Schwarzenegger kind), and Buns for days! *Bring your mat and tennis shoes. 

Our Pricing:

Drop-ins- $18

Unlimited First Month: $69 (*$99 thereafter)

Monthly UNLIMITED (3 month Auto Renew) $99

*30 day notification required to cancel or freeze

3 Pack $45

6 Pack $85

9 Pack $120

*ClassPass seating is limited. Class Pass Cancellations must also happen 24 hours in advance to avoid late cancel fees.