The Beat Clinic is where The Rhythm Revolution began. It's where everything lives and breathes. It's simply the roots, the life blood of who we are, what we do, what we believe in and geek out on. It was created and written by the RR owner, Jasmine Anderson in 2013.

The Beat Clinic is an AFAA and NASM accredited musicality training for fitness professionals. The only course of it’s kind in the industry today, the Beat Clinic, is a fully loaded, comprehensive continuing education, that thoroughly explains what it means to effectively “tap into the senses” when leading any fitness class. It’s main focus and perhaps the most powerful component, is transforming what the fitness offering SOUNDS like by re-discovering musicality, playlist construction and the appropriate applications in all fitness modalities. This about tuning into your OWN unique beat and further developing your musical voice by becoming fully versed in today’s evolved music industry; it’s offerings and how to navigate through it all with ease.

Our aim is not intended to replace any existing teaching format or style. The RR was created to simply elevate fitness professionals careers and studio owners businesses by providing them with the most up to date industry tools that inspire mindful class creation and delivery.

Highlights from the course:

  • The importance of “WHY”
  • The massive difference between a teacher vs. instructor
  • The scientific correlation between music and physical movement.
  • The importance of creating VIBE.
  • What beat, tempo and rhythm really look like in class and the importance of each.
  • Different beats within a song and how they relate to the “heartbeat” of your class.
  • How to identify song structures, their parts and how they apply in creating various fitness profiles with ease.
  • The sometimes distinct and subtle differences of today’s evolved music genres and how they apply specifically to certain drills and/or exercises.
  •  How and WHERE to really tune in and discover the freshest music around.
  •  How to efficiently CUE on time and in the right places.
  •  How to effectively construct format specific playlists that flow, make sense and deliver authentic experiences.

The teacher training is AFAA & NASM Accredited with 4.5 CEU's. It's been taught in Canada, Florida, California and Colorado.


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Here is what some of our Beat Clinic students have been saying:

"The Beat Clinic was an excellent training, and I am constantly using the concepts and tools from the course to give my indoor cycling and yoga students a unique experience in my classes.  Jasmine's design of this course helped me to realize that I want to aspire to be more than just an instructor in the fitness setting, I want to also be a teacher.  The course is super engaging and included interactive discussion and movement practice on how to set the mood and enhance human senses in my teaching space, visualization techniques to share with my students, loads of information about song structure, building playlists, and designing my class using music, and so much more.  I loved hearing about Jasmine's passion for LIVING music and using that music she loves as a tool for making a student's experience in her class exceptional and one-of-a-kind.  I use the tools for finding new music, cuing, and designing various drills with differnet styles, genres, and tempos ALL THE TIME in designing my classes! I highly recommend this clinic for anyone leading any type of fitness class because  Music, Rhythms, and Sounds MATTER!" -Leanne L.

More on Jasmine aka beat gypsy (the creator of the beat clinic):


Jasmine has recently been named by ClassPass as one of Denver's MOST MOVING INSTRUCTORS and BEST CYCLING INSTRUCTORS in Denver!

 Check out some reviews from her students:

She inspires me.
“Jasmine is a rock star. She believes in her studio and the mission of the studio to the core of her soul, and her passion shows in everything she does. She is also so approachable and kind, giving the best pep talks in class and outside. I think everyone should attend her classes if they want to feel inspired, motivated and a wave of kindness!” -Chelsea D.

She raises the bar.
“Her spin classes are amazing! The music is always on point. It feels like a yoga flow with the music the way the climbs and sprints pair with the beats. She is always motivating and welcoming to new or returning students. There are always a few moments or songs of introspection that help push me through and reset my energy for the day and week. Jasmine always takes the time to adjust people’s bikes and make adjustments and queues to prevent injuries.

Jasmine, you’re building an amazing community!” -Angela P. 

Her passion is at the forefront.
“Jasmine is a charismatic motivator who knows her stuff. She finds the perfect way to use her fitness knowledge base and blends it to the motivating and moving sounds of music. She provides space to ‘be at the level where you are,’ but also cues us to push for greatness, even when some days that means accepting taking a breather. In all my spin and yoga classes taken, I have never loved working out more! (Oh, and did I mention, she live spins her own beats during the workout? That is the definition of passion!)” – Natalie G. 

Jasmine in Ladera Ranch, CA training the team at Ignite Cycle:)