First and foremost, the Rhythm Revolution is a movement. One that is fueled by the innate tempo within our bodies that seeks to align with external frequency. More specifically, Sound.

We believe that music is medicine and when used dynamically in collaboration with physical offerings the result is a sensory experience that is simply unmatched.

The Rhythm Revolution was born out of necessity. It was first hand written by our founder,  Jasmine Anderson. She goes by many names- J, Jas, jazzy, jazzy fizzle, jazzy fresh, mama jama, lil' mama, and even more recently by her DJ alias, "beatgypsy"


Her side of the story:

I was regularly attending cycling classes in South Texas about 9 years ago and found myself always gravitating towards moving my feet so that the tempo of each foot fall matched the music being played, which at the time, was not how it was being taught. It felt unnatural to do it any other way and it drove me nuts to be directed to do otherwise.

I've always loved music, always loved dancing and to me, being on a bike felt not much different. I wanted to ride in the same way I would dance- to the beat!

So one day, I gathered enough courage and asked the gym owner what one must do to become certified to teach. To my surprise, I found out not much. About $300, a short trip to Austin and 9 hours in the saddle later, I had it. My certification.

Patience has never been a strong suit of mine. So of course, getting started right away was my goal. So I begged and pleaded for an opportunity to teach and was grateful it became available. Quickly, it became a drug for my spirit. I just couldn't get enough. I loved riding with a group of people to music that, now after looking back on it, completely led me to right here and right now. After teaching for almost two years, I moved back home to the city I love, Denver, and once again begged and pleaded for a dream job at the swankest club in town. And once again lucky to be given the opportunity. The music continued to lead me, in the way that I moved, what I said, when I spoke, and how I led others.  Everything I did on the bike and in other fitness classes I taught was totally and completely inspired by the music I played. The songs themselves told me what to do. I always had a general idea or theme of what type or how I wanted the workout to look but for the most part, I winged it all. Still do. So not long after me being in this new facility, members started to corner me after class and ask, even offer to pay for my playlists. Which, just so we're clear, I don't do. That shits illegal yo! And I fully support paying for original works. My fellow teachers also started frequently hitting me up..... "where do you find your music, or how do you know how to put your playlist together like that, or where do you download your tracks?"

I'll never forget a conversation I had with my boss at the time. I came to her often, wanting to continue to grow, looking for additional opportunities and guidance, new inspiration and most importantly, what next steps could look like in my fitness career. She suggested I consider writing a course. One that I would market mostly to fellow teachers but that I would also offer perhaps to aspiring ones. I had no idea that this was even a thing! You can write a training, submit to the world fitness powers that be, and if it becomes accredited then you can travel all over the world and sell it for what you want?! what? who knew?!

Best decision I made, was to follow her advice. Fast forward three years and The Rhythm Revolution is what it is today-

An educational program taught taught internationally! Okay so I've only taught it once in another country, Canada, but it counts right? And believe you me, mama's got big plans to share this training with some Spaniards and Britts:)

 The RR has also evolved! It's grown from a mantra and manifesto to a cycling studio and an event based "road show", which transports our bikes all across the Denver community to spread the love, share the beat and introduce LIVE concert cycling to the world.